Contact Form 7 Pipedrive Integration
WordPress Plugin


Create a person and deal using Contact Form 7 submission values when a form is submitted.

This plugin is in early beta and I invite you to try it. I will make changes and continue to extend the functionality of the plugin based on your input. So please let me know what you think and contact me with your input or suggestions.

Download from WordPress Plugin Directory
Download/Contribute on Github


How It Works

Download the plug-in from Github and install it at http://yourwebsite/wp-admin/plugin-install.php by clicking the “upload plugin” button.

You’ll find the settings page under the Contact menu item created by Contact Form 7. It is titled, “Pipedrive Integration.”

Here is the settings page:

You will check which contact forms you want to submit a person and deal to Pipedrive on submission.

Then select the Contact Form 7 field that you want associated with the new Pipedrive person’s Name, Email, and Phone. If no field is chosen for Name the new Person will be titled “WordPress CF7 Person” in Pipedrive.

Select a deal Title from the form. If no field is chosen the deal’s Title will be “WordPress CF7 Submission,” in Pipedrive.

Select the Stage you want the deal entered.

Select the User associated to the new deal.

Entering debug mode will trigger PHP errors in your WordPress website if there is an issue. That means the success message for the contact form, when submitted, may not show to the user. This is not suggested for production websites, only for debugging purposes.

Contact Me, the Developer

This plugin is in beta and is actively being developed. Do you have suggestions, bugs, or input of any kind? Please reach out. Any comment is a good one.